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Maricá Airport

Receives the offshore transport operations of Omni Táxi Aéreo and Líder Aviação for the oil platforms in the Santos Basin. It is in the process of expansion.


Responsible for carrying out environmental analyses and assessments, such as on the quality of the waters and microorganisms of the Maricá lagoons.


Place where the bioinputs released Into the lagoons are manufactured, as well as research and other products related to the project “Lagoa Viva”.


Shrimp cultivation in large tanks, using microorganisms to make the environment suitable.

Ciamar Tilapia

Will breed fish in large tanks, associated with aquaponics, to optimize production and generate employment and income.

Museum Circuit

The houses of Darcy Ribeiro, Beth Carvalho and Maysa in Maricá are being transformed into museums. The project also involves the launch of books about these three personalities.

Enjoy Itaocaya

It takes attractions and promotes knowledge of the neighborhood and the commercial establishments that operate on site.

Startup School

It trains the city’s entrepreneurs to drive innovative ideas, both inside and outside of the digital environment. It is part of the Maricá Technology Park.

Sweet Taste Shop

On the Araçatiba waterfront, it brings together gastronomy entrepreneurs and hosts events such as the Gastronomy and Hospitality Training Day.

Espraiado Open Doors

It brings attractions and promotes knowledge of Espraiado and the commercial establishments that operate on site.

App Factory

Part of the Technology Park, it develops applications such as MumbuCar. It is located in the Technology Shed.

Marik’á Pharmacopoeia

It uses traditional knowledge and the knowledge of native peoples to produce medicines and products for well-being and health.

Hive Fair

It brings together women entrepreneurs from the city with a bond of overcoming and empathy, focusing on income generation.

Careers Fair

It brings together experts and shows trends to help students find a successful career path.

Gastronomic and cultural festivals

Throughout the year, the events boost the economy and the tourism in the city’s neighborhoods.

Green Fund

It will be formed from the investment in environmental assets, attracting resources to the city.

Technology Shed

This is the first delivery of the Technology Park. It will bring together several projects selected by the startup incubator, as well as hosting events and innovation actions.

Beach handball

Support for the sport, its competitions and the plan to make Maricá the national capital of beach handball.


Development of a plan to discover the potential and explore hydrogen fuel in the soil of Maricá.

Maricá Hotel

It will be built next to the airport, with 166 apartments, a restaurant and an auditorium, to complement the lodging structure in Maricá.

Inova Agroecology

It uses innovation to stimulate organic agriculture, train farmers, generate income and develop new forms of healthy planting.

Living pond

It uses microorganisms to revitalize Maricá’s lagoons. It has increased the species of living beings, multiplied the number of fish and eliminated the bad smell from the Araçatiba Lagoon.

Trade Mapping

A database is being set up to organize trade in a more dynamic and productive way, encouraging the use of the Mumbuca social currency.

Maricá Edutech

Qualifies professionals in technology, agile methodology, project management and other skills. It is part of the Technology Park and is located in the Technology Shed.

Maricá Games

The biggest gamer fair in Rio de Janeiro. It has already had two editions, with all the attractions free of charge, showing trends and moving the market.

Rotary Maricá

Organizes parking in public spaces of the city, using an app, stimulating trade and making life easier for drivers.

Maricá Telecom

Distribution of high-speed internet to students in Maricá, including signal in areas farthest from the city center.


Compact and innovative station that uses microorganisms to clean the local sewage. The first unit is in Itaipuaçu.


App that connects taxi drivers and users, enabling the payment of rides with the Mumbuca social currency.

New headquarters

Construction of the building that will house Codemar. It is located between the airport and the land where the Hotel Maricá will be built.

Industrial park

It consolidates local productive arrangements from natural gas and other markets, bringing together industries.

Technology Park

It will be an innovation environment where science, technology and entrepreneurship serve as the basis for economic and sustainable development. It will be located in Ubatiba.

Little Piece of Heaven

Musical and gastronomic event on the edge of Araçatiba, stimulating leisure, tourism and the economy.

Green Mumbuca Platform

It allows people and companies of all sizes to invest in nature conservation and receive rewards such as the Green Seal.


It will form a creative and efficient fashion and textile chain in Maricá. It promotes courses and will be based in the Flamengo neighborhood.

Port of Ponta Negra

An investment that will be made possible with private resources, becoming a hub for exports, imports, cargo distribution and passenger handling.

Codemar Recycles

It promotes the collection and recycling of solid waste, encouraging Codemar employees to take part in the process.

Photovoltaic plants

There will be ten plants to generate solar energy and make the municipal administration self-sufficient in electricity.

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